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THE COLLEGE CODE of Provincialised Colleges of ASSAM is an all comprehensive e-package containing various information for the benefit of the Employees of Provincialised Colleges of Assam. The provider of this e-package acknowledges the use of large number of free-software, files and documents - downloaded / collected from different websites / books and, sincerely thankful to all members involved directly or indirectly with all those digital materials, without which it would not be possible to compile and create this e-package. Also, it is a pleasure to thank and offer sincere regards to all teachers, friends, colleagues and family-members, of the provider of this e-package for their guidance, help and support, during the completion of this e-package. The site provider Net4 India Limited allowed to upload this complete e-package from their server and for this support they deserve special thanks from the provider of this e-package.
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