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01. Which Leave Rule is applicable for colleges employees?

As per the Rule 21 of the Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Rules 2010, the existing Rules and Orders applicable to State Government Employees on Leave are applicable in case of the employees of provincialised colleges in Assam.
Note: The Leave Rules 1934 along with its various revisions/amendments and orders/notifications published by the Govt. of Assam in time to time are considered to sanction leave for its employees.

02. Who is the authority to sanction leave for colleges employees?

As per the Rule 22 of the Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Rules 2010, the Governing Body of the College shall be authority to sanction all leaves excluding study leave for all its employees.
As per the Rule 23 of the Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Rules 2010, lien, deputation and study leave to the employees of the Assam Provincialised Colleges shall be granted by the Government for which proposals shall be routed through the Director. The norms applicable to the Government Colleges would be applicable in their cases also.

03. What are the salient features of the Revised Leave Rules 1934?

  • Leave is earned by duty but it cannot be claimed as of right. Discretion is reserved to the authority empowered to grant leave to refuse or revoke leave at any time according to the exigencies of the public service. [Ref.: Rule 4]
  • Leave of any kind (except casual leave) may be granted in combination with or in continuation of any other kind of leave. [Ref.: Rule 6 and Casual Leave]
  • Leave cannot be granted beyond the date of retirement. [Ref.: Rule 7]
  • Subject to the provisions of Rules 4 & 7, leave sanctioning authority may at any time grant the whole or any part of earned leave due to an employee. [Ref.: Rule 8]
  • Extraordinary leave without allowance and under certain specific conditions may be granted to an employee in special circumstances when no other leave is admissible by the Leave Rules. [Ref.: Rule 14]
  • An employee who proceeds in earned leave shall be entitled to leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on that leave.[Ref.:Rule 15(1)]
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